Sustainability at C&A

C&A understands it has an important role to play in the transformation of the industry, and as a result, has been seeking ways to achieve its objective of making fashion with a positive impact. We understand that our activities create impacts and therefore we want to encourage, promote and engage in initiatives that lead us towards this objective. For this reason, since 2006 the Company has a supply chain management and monitoring program, which aims to stop any type of irregular labor and seek continuous improvement of working conditions and environmental issues across its supply chain. We have a Supplier Code of Conduct that must be complied with worldwide.

In 2009, we structured our sustainability area, which has been seeking to support the business in the integration of relevant matters into our daily work routine, and as a result, we developed a local sustainability strategy that has expanded and is now focused on three major operational pillars: Sustainable Products, Sustainable Supply and Sustainable Lives. These pillars contemplate actions to (i) develop products with more sustainable materials (currently more than 80% of the cotton used in our products is sourced in a more sustainable manner); (ii) encourage the improvement of the environmental and social performance across our supply chain through the engagement, the monitoring and the capacity building of our partners; (iii) engage employees and customers through the #VistaAMudança campaign, the umbrella under which we communicate sustainability; and (iv) care for the end of life of pieces by introducing the circular economy concepts and reverse logistics in the product development.

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The Company has been preparing annual sustainability reports since 2010 (2009 reference year) and was the first fashion retailer to publish these reports under the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In 2015, the regions where C&A AG operates joined together to pursue a global sustainability strategy, and in 2016, our report reached a global scale. In it, we disclose performance information of each region where we operate.

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Instituto C&A

In 2020, Instituto C&A transfers its global transformational legacy to the Laudes Foundation and focuses on regional operations in Brazil. The volunteering program is now focused on fashion organizations, and a new entrepreneurship program is created to focus on developing initiatives led by vulnerable communities in Brazil.

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