Conduct and ethics

More and more our clients, society in general and the Government are demanding that our actions be based on transparency, fairness, integrity, honesty, diligence and social responsibility. We understand that these requirements are fundamental to the success and continuity of our business.

Therefore, we must work daily to ensure that our products and services are sustainable, respecting people and the environment, and demonstrate high standards of integrity.

All our executive officers, directors and employees are responsible for creating a work environment that encourages ethical conduct and our managers must be an example in terms of ethical behavior.

Our Code of Ethics must be followed by all professionals who work in the Company and its affiliates or subsidiaries, and our business partners must follow our standards of ethics and the applicable supply terms.

For this purpose, we believe that this Code should be constantly consulted, as it defines the standards of ethical conduct that must be followed and complied with in all the Company’s activities, no matter the location.

Conduct and Ethics